Mark Googins of  26 Wildwood Blvd shot this video  June 26, 2012. Two adult parents and three kits had taken up residence under the deck, and were often seen out playing nearby.

Just added to the Wildwood photo album.

Mike Hickey returning instructor
Time TBD- most likely early evening starting mid June
Ages 3 on up (there will be at least 3 groups of various levels this year depending on interest)
Cost TBD (but will be reasonable)
Friends of Wildwood are also encouraged to participate! Spread the word.

Please email or call Betsy Evans so we can figure out the numbers or if you have any questions: woozie2@hotmail.com or 781-2018

Tennis Anyone?

We are looking to see who might be interested in weekday evening tennis on a regular basis so we can coordinate the times.

In the past, 2 time slots were proposed to optimize prime time mid-week. 5:00-6:30 for those who can escape the office early and 6:30-8:00 as the second time period.

Please let Mary Ann know if you are interested in a “special” time to play at marybradford@maine.rr.com

We “think” the Kids Tennis Program will be on Monday nights……exact time to be determined soon.

In the meantime (and anytime), a sign-up note at the court will reserve time so no one is disappointed.

The court is ready for action!

4th of July



“From Camps to Homes”

8:45 PARADE LINE UP Near Wildwood entrance

9:00 PARADE START Mary Ann & Hub Bradford,John Ferland


Lollipop Hunt (under 7)  Lindsey Collins

Popsicles Nancy Savage Marcus

Bake Sale & Coffee Lee Loring, Donna Levi, Phyllis

Chinlund, Carol Dean, Betsy Perry

Raffle Ticket Sales Diane Reynolds

Face Painting Katie Burns, Anna Curtis-Heald

Rescue Vehicle Tours Cumberland Fire/Police Dept.


(Looking for singers/musicians)

10:15 GAMES & AWARDS John Lambert, Kim Caldwell

11:30 RAFFLE DRAWING Diane & Craig Reynolds


11:45 WATERMELON HUNT Carol Dean

3:00 WILDWOOD TALENT SHOW Kaija Petrone, Maegan Dougherty

5:30 COOKOUT ON RESERVE Betsy & Paul Evans

Bring to share: An appetizer, hors d’oeuvres

Bring your own: Entre, beverages, dessert

Provided: Gas grills

→Bottle drive: All are invited to bring returnable

bottles to benefit the Greely Drama Club

7:30ish  CLOSING CEREMONY Bob Bower

Roger Garrison’s Speech Katie Burns, Anna Curtis-Heald,

Kate Michaud

8:00ish  WILDWOOD CAMPFIRE Greg Ferland & Fred Bower

Bring your own s’mores, stories,

musical instruments….

If the morning events are cancelled due to weather, a car will drive through the neighborhood at 8:30 beeping the horn.  The Talent Show will take place on the Quinby’s porch if it’s raining.  If inclement weather continues, a car will drive through the neighborhood at 4:30 beeping the horn. This means that a gathering will take place on the Quinby’s porch at 5:30 in place of the cookout on the reserve — bring your appetizers/hors d’oeuvres.  If you have any questions, call this year’s event organizers:

Christina Ferland at 781-7307 or Beth & Kathleen Riley at 899-3007.


WHEN? Sunday June 6th @ 4:00 p.m.

WHERE? ON THE RESERVE Bring a lawn chair

IN CASE OF RAIN: We will move the meeting to the porch of Gigi & Tom Quinby, 32 Wildwood Blvd.

Please note: A good time of year to review the directory for any changes you might want to make. Please notify Gigi Quinby of any changes in family members, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.

Eagle sighting

Eagle sitting on ledge directly off Wildwood Beach, close to Cousins Island.

Eagle sitting on ledge directly off Wildwood Beach, close to Cousins Island.

Spotted July 10, 2009. Sorry the iPhone doesn’t make its eagle-ness obvious, but it fluttered a couple of times — definitely a bald eagle. (Click photo to enlarge)

Seal pup photos

Here are some pictures of the Seal Pup who was on the beach last week.

After his Mom didn’t come back to get him the Dept of Marine Resources came to pick him up and he was off to Mystic Ct!!
— Gail Graumnitz

There is a pup seal on the beach.  The seal rescue authorities are monitoring the seal (have been all day).   They think the mother has placed it there while she goes off for food; apparently possibly for as long as two days.   They have asked that no dogs be allowed near the pup and that people stay quite far away.  They fear that if the mother sees people or dogs near the pup, the mother will abandon the pup.    If the mother does not return, they will intervene to care for the pup.

– John Lambert


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This is where you’ll find announcements,  photos and information that continue Wildwood’s unique neighborhood spirit.